About Ben

My Journey to Authenticity

My journey to find my authentic self was initiated by a life crisis. In my early twenties everything in my life that i felt certain about gradually fell apart and i did not know who I was anymore. I struggled with social anxiety and depression to point where at times i wanted to end my own life. I felt that i was trapped in a deep reservoir of emotional pain and there was no way out, no light at the end of the tunnel. 

It was in this place of despair and desperation that I started looking for answers and guidance as a way to find myself again. I began seeking out mentors and experts that helped me on my path to reclaiming my authentic self. After much searching I eventually found the answers to the burning questions that i had about myself and my life situation. I learnt from experts in the fields of human behaviour, psychology, spirituality and personal growth. As I learned my anxiety and depression began to shift and they were gradually replaced with a deep gratitude for my life and the experience of being connected to my true self. 

The most powerful realisation for me came from recognising that my depression and anxiety were the result of me not listening to my authentic inner guidance. I had been repressing my true feelings about who i was deep down for so long that I became depressed and anxious. 

I was so deeply afraid of my authentic self and what it had to say, that i became consumed by anxiety and depression. The anxiety and depression I experienced were the stop sign of my soul trying to get me to break through my past conditioning and become who i was always meant to be. The depression and anxiety broke down all of my masks and personas that i believed were my identity, and as i gradually allowed the old version of myself to die the most authentic part of me was born. 

When I finally started listening to the most authentic version of myself my anxiety and depression dissolved. This experience forever changed my experience of life, and for the first time i experienced a deep sense of love and appreciation for who i am deep down. 

My work as a life coach and facilitator of personal transformation comes from my deep desire to share the love and wisdom that i have discovered from my own journey of reclaiming my authentic self. My deepest desire is to share my experiences with others so that they to can reclaim the most authentic version of themselves. 

My Approach to Coaching

My approach comes from years of experience working with people one on one and one on many in coaching sessions, workshops and courses. I have a diploma of counselling with the National Education academy and I am a qualified facilitator of equine therapy with Eponaquest model of equine facilitated experiential learning. 

For the past seven years I have been working with people in a coaching and personal development setting using horses as part of my work. During this time i have realised the healing power of guiding people back to the most authentic version of themselves and as a result this has become the core principle of my work.

I have extensively studied human behaviour, psychology and many different healing modalities and worked with the leading experts in the these fields. All of my work stems from my own experiences of healing that have taken place as a direct result of being guided by my mentors on my own healing journey.