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Owning and accepting that you are out of alignment with your authentic self
Knowing how to bring yourself back into alignment with your authentic self

Being Congruent

Being Congruent; When the inside matches the outside

Being congruent means that what you are thinking and feeling on the inside matches what you are expressing to others externally in your behaviour on the outside. When you are congruent your thoughts, feelings and actions are all aligned and unified. Being congruent is one of most important aspects of being authentic and honouring your authentic self. It requires a degree of courage and honesty, particularly when you are in situations where other people are likely to criticise, judge, oppose and disagree with you. 

Being congruent can also be very difficult in situations when we fear the consequences of what being congruent could mean for us. Being congruent could mean that you threaten certain relationships, career choices or your sense of comfort and security in your life. It could also mean exposing and sharing certain thoughts and feelings that you try very hard to hide from other people. Being congruent comes with a strong element of learning to be vulnerable and transparent which can also create a degree of fear. Being congruent means putting a higher value on what is authentic for you instead of succumbing to the fear of disapproval of others. It means being true to your values and who you are at the core of your being.Practicing congruency can require a lot of internal work because in order to be truly congruent, you must first bring yourself into alignment with your authentic self. True congruency comes from aligning yourself with your deeper spiritual nature on an energetic level. If you are out of alignment with your authentic self you have fundamentally lost touch with who you are, and that creates an inner state of energetic incongruency.