Welcome to the Reclaiming your authentic self online course
Owning and accepting that you are out of alignment with your authentic self
Knowing how to bring yourself back into alignment with your authentic self

How to disocver, know and be your authentic self

Discovering yourself, knowing yourself and being yourself

Every human being is on a spiritual journey to know and express their authentic self, even though they may not know it consciously. Everyone at some point in their life will ponder the four primary questions of existence; who am I? why am I here? Where did I come from? And where am I going?

Each individual person will have unique answers to these questions and in that uniqueness, they will find what makes them authentic, special and different to every other human being. There are no two human beings that are exactly alike and discovering your authentic self is about honouring your uniqueness as the greatest gift you could ever give yourself.

How to discover, know and be your authentic self

The good news is that you are already your authentic self, the problem lies not in discovering yourself but letting go of all the things that make you believe that who you are deep down is not worthy of love and expression. Due to all of the environmental conditioning that we are exposed to from when we are first born and throughout our life, we often fall into the trap of believing that who we are is never enough. We are indoctrinated into many different beliefs that tell us in order to be worthy of love we have to become something other than who we are deep down. These core beliefs are the fundamental cause of the most suffering and pain, but they can also become the greatest source of freedom and liberation when we free ourselves from them.

Once you have given yourself permission to be your authentic self you have begun the journey. The next step in that journey lies in developing daily practices that allow you to un-conceal and reveal more of your authentic self in your day to day life. This course is going to give you the practices and rituals that will allow you to take that next step. 

Exercise: Answering the four primary questions of existence from your authentic point of view.

Answer the four primary questions of your existence from your authentic point of view. The most important part of this exercise is that you answer the questions from your own unique perspective and what feels authentic and true to you. Base your answers on your own experience and not on what you have been conditioned by others to believe about yourself.

who am I when I am my authentic self? What does that look and feel like for me? What am I doing when I am being authentic?

why am I here? What is my authentic reason or reasons why and purpose for being here in this life time?

Where did I come from? How did my childhood environment create the perfect circumstances that formed my unique gifts and perspectives on life?

Where am I going? What is my authentic vision for my future and where do I want to go in my life from here?