Reclaiming your Authentic Self 6-Week Online Course


Whats holding you back from expressing the most authentic version of yourself ?

Do you feel like your stuck in life?

Do you feel like fear, stress and feelings of unworthiness are stopping you from becoming the most authentic and empowered version of yourself?

I know how that feels.

But I also know that you deserve to live a life where you wake up feeling deeply fulfilled, authentic and inspired about the possibilities in your life.

I want you reach the next level of confidence, empowerment and emotional freedom in your life.

In the reclaiming your authentic self online course you will learn strategies and tools that you can put into practice straight away and experience immediate results in your life.


Do you feel like the pain of your past is holding you back in life?

Unresolved emotional baggage and trauma from your past can be very difficult to navigate without guidance.

Do you feel disconnected from yourself and the people you love?

Many of the fear based conditioned core beliefs that we adopt as children continue to run our lives as adults.


Do you feel unfulfilled in life but lack the courage to create lasting change?

Unfulfillment, depression and anxiety are often a by-product of your intuition trying to guide you in a different direction in life.

What if you could:


Reclaiming your Authentic Self 6-Week Online Course Modules 

Week 1 – Honouring the Authentic you 

  • Answering the four primary questions of existence from authentic self view point.
  • Affirmations that nurture your authentic self.
  • Being congruent vs being incongruent
  • Becoming congruent – Alignment equals congruency.
  • Embodied practices that create congruency
  • 3 steps to bringing yourself back into alignment with your authentic

Week 2 – Identifying Patterns that Block Authentic Self Expression

  • Conformity- Conformity and love and belonging.
  • People Pleasing- People pleasing and self love.
  • Childhood Conditioning
  • Fear
  • Guilt 
  • Shame
  • Wearing masks and personas
  • Exercises to identify patterns that block authentic self expression.
  • Embodied exercises to shift authentic self blocks.
  • Deep dive into how these patterns are created.
  • How to use embodied authentic self expression to shift energy dynamics in relationships and life.

Week 3 – Defense Mechanisms that Block Authentic Self Expression

  • Projection
  • Denial
  • Blaming 
  • Shaming
  • Judging
  • Repression
  • Stories and beliefs

Week 4 – 6  Dissolving Authentic Self Blocks

  • Step by step processes and worksheets that guide you through how to dissolve authentic self blocks with gratitude and self love.  
  • Processes and worksheets for working on releasing judgements embracing and loving Aspects of Self.  
  • Processes and worksheets for working on relationships with others. 
  • Embracing and integrating your shadow and other disowned aspects of self.
  • Meeting your Inner Child Journey Meditation – This a guided journey meditation designed to help you connect with and heal your inner child. 
  • Meeting Your Spirit Guides Journey Meditation – This a guided journey meditation designed to help you connect with inner guidance spirit guides.

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Reclaiming your Authentic Self 6 - Week Online Course Pricing

$ 499 One time payment
  • Lifetime access to the Reclaiming your Authentic Self online learning platform
  • 61-page course workbook
  • 2 x personalized one on one coaching sessions
  • Bonus exclusive access to the Reclaiming your Authentic Self Facebook support group.
  • Bonus weekly live Q&A webinars
  • 2 x Journey Meditation audios
  • 2 x bonus one on one coaching sessions

About Ben your course creator and facilitator


My approach comes from years of experience working with people one on one and one on many in coaching sessions, workshops and courses. I have a diploma of counselling with the National Education academy and I am a qualified facilitator of Equine therapy with Eponaquest model of equine facilitated experiential learning. 

For the past seven years I have been working with people in a coaching and personal development setting using horses as part of my work. During this time i have realised the healing power of guiding people back to the most authentic version of themselves and as a result this has become the core principle of my work.

I have extensively studied human behaviour, psychology and many different healing modalities and worked with the leading experts in the these fields. All of my work stems from my own experiences of healing that have taken place as a direct result of being guided by my mentors on my own healing journey. 

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